Together Project

The ICWM 2014 is being sponsored and organized by the Korean Women in Mathematical Sciences (KWMS) with assistance and guidance from the International Mathematical Union (IMU). In addition to organizing the meeting, the KWMS as the main sponsor will provide 100 travel grants (TOGETHER PROJECT) to women participants of ICWM and ICM, especially from developing countries. The travel grant application process was coordinated with ICM’s NANUM PROJECT where the goal was to provide travel grants for 1000 attendees.
As shown in recent TIMSS and PISA studies, international mathematics education comparison studies, mathematics education as well as general mathematic areas in the Republic of Korea is now a world-class level. We, who have had benefits from other countries, now would like to share our development and growth with developing countries and future generations in order to make our future together.
Please join us to help women mathematicians from developing countries and to build a better world for next generation women mathematians.
If you would like to join us, please click here.