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The purpose of the ICWM 2014 satellite conference is to bring together women mathematicians and supporters of women in mathematical sciences from around the world to showcase the mathematical contributions of women, to exchange ideas about supporting and encouraging active careers for women in the mathematical sciences, and to provide the opportunity for young women mathematicians from especially developing countries to meet and talk with women in the mathematical sciences from around the world. 
The ICWM 2014 is being sponsored and organized by the Korean Women in Mathematical Sciences (KWMS) with assistance and guidance from the International Mathematical Union (IMU), European Women in Mathematics (EWM), and Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM). In addition to organizing the ICWM 2014, the KWMS is actively raising funds to provide 100 travel grants and other financial supports for women participants, especially from developing countries. 
Please join us in Seoul, Korea next year and take part in this international gathering of women in the mathematical sciences. Your support and participation, women or men, will help to make ICWM 2014 a great success.
* Your donation will support 100 women mathematicians from developing countries through 2014 Together Project and will be used to prepare for ICWM 2014. 기금은 2014 Together Project인 100명의 개발도상국 여성수학자 지원 프로그램과 ICWM 2014 개최 준비에 소중하게 활용될 것입니다.
How to support ICWM2014
[ Online application ]
  1. Click here in order to donate for ICWM2014 (기부를 하시려면 여기를 클릭해 주세요)
  2. Send your donation through money transfer. 무통장입금 : 신한은행 100-028-622900 (예금주:한국여성수리과학회)
  3. Once you make the money transfer, please send an email ( or a text (+82-10-9206-9189) to notify us.
[ Email application ]
Please download the donation application (pdf,doc) and follow the instruction in it. 
If you would like to download hwp-file, please click below to download hwp-version of donation application.
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