Best Posters and Networking

13:00 to 14:00 August 14, 2014 (Thursday) COEX 401 Lobby

 Sejeong Bang 

Yeungnam University
 Seiran Kwon

Daelim University

From the 97 posters presented at ECC on August 12th, 20 posters were selected and awarded best poster certificates. 

The best posters were selected by a review committee consisting of Sejeong Bang (Co-Chair), Young-Gi Choi, Young Hee Kim, Youngok Kim, Min Kyeong Kim, Young Mi Kwon, Seiran Kwon (Co-Chair), Eungu Lee, Aihua Li, Yeon Hee Park, Insun Shin, Bomi Shin, and Sylvia Wiegand.  The posters were judged on 3 categories of educational value, poster design components and quality of research.

20 Best Posters

Agora, Elona (Albania)
A general spatial-temporal transmission model for mosquito-borne infectious diseases

Alberdi Celaya, Elisabete (Spain)
A Matlab Object Oriented methodology for Finite Element Computations, ABSTRACT, POSTER

Cho, Seongmin (Korea)
Gender differences in College Scholastic Ability Test mathematics section in KOREA, 

García-Colín, Natalia (México)
On the separation of Tverberg Partitions of large sets of points, ABSTRACT, POSTER

Gueye Diagne, Salimata (Senegal)
Optimization problems in transportation, production, telecommunication and finance areas, ABSTRACT, POSTER

Jeong, Seulgi (Korea)
A mathematical model for the spatial spread of rabies, 

Jin, Joo Young (Korea)
Weighted Shifts Induced by Hamburger Moment Sequences, 

Kim, Eunmi (Korea)
A family of self-inversive polynomials with concyclic zeros, 

Kotorii, Yuka (Japan)
A relation between Milnor's $¥bar{¥mu}$-invariant and HOMFLYPT polynomial, 

Labadin, Jane (Malaysia)
A general spatial-temporal transmission model for mosquito-borne infectious diseases, 

Li, Aihua (U.S.A.)
Applications of Graph Connectivity Indices in DNA Data Analysis, ABSTRACT, POSTER

Monnesland, Irene (Norway)
Least squares finite element method for a nonlinear Stokes problem in glaciology, 

Mukhaiyar, Utriweni (Indonesia)
The effectiveness of the Generalized STAR modeling for the spatial dependency observations, ABSTRACT, POSTER

Nastasescu, Laura Elena (Romania)
A generalization of the Mitchell Lemma: The Ulmer Theorem and the Gabriel-Popescu Theorem revisited, ABSTRACT, POSTER

Oh, Jimin (Korea)
Survey about Knowledge of Mathematics Pre-service Teachers for Enacting, 

Pan, Xiaomin (China)
Numerical analysis of a second-order semi-implicit projection method for incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations, 

Park, Yoon Kyung (Korea)
Combinatorial convolution sums and modular forms,

Rojas, Anita (Chile)
Drawing hyperbolic polygons for group actions on Riemann surfaces: algorithm and applications, ABSTRACT, POSTER

Thangavelu, Geetha (India)
Graphic Interpretation of the Structure Constants of the Schur Algebra, ABSTRACT, POSTER

Yin, Mei (China)
Phase transitions in the edge-triangle exponential random graph model, ABSTRACT, POSTER