Poster Presentations

12:00 to 13:30 August 12, 2014 (Tuesday), ECC Samsung Hall Lobby and ECC Lee Sam Bong Hall

YoungJu Choie 
Local Program, Chair 

Out of 121 submissions, 97 posters were anonymously reviewed, accepted and presented in 17 out of 19 areas of mathematics that were included in the ICM 2014 Scientific Program. The presented posters represented mathematical work by women in mathematics from 33 countries. During the second day of the meeting, 20 posters were selected by a group of judges to be recognized as best posters and exhibited at the COEX. The photographs from the award ceremony can be seen in the Day 2 - Virtual Tour.

The poster session provided an opportunity for women in mathematics from around the world to share and discuss their work with a global audience. This was truly an unique opportunity for both the presenters and the audience to take part in a global networking exchange.

List of 97 Poster Presenters

Saraswati Acharya, D.B. Gurung and V.P. Saxena, Mathematical modeling of sex related differences in the sensitivity of the sweating heat loss responses to change in body temperature, Nepal, ABSTRACT

Elona Agora, Jorge Antezana, María Jesús Carro, Javier Soria, A unified approach of the Boyd's and Muckenhoupt's results on the boundedness of the Hilbert transform, Albania, ABSTRACT

Elisabete Alberdi Celaya and J. J. Anza Aguirrezabala, A Matlab Object Oriented methodology for Finite Element Computations, Spain, ABSTRACT

Yulya Anisimova, Nayda Kryazheva and Alexander Sukhotin, G.Galilei's paradox and the quantity of rational numbers, Russia, ABSTRACT

Loredana Balilescu, Convergence of a discretization scheme for the motion of a self-propelled deformable structure in a fluid, Romania, ABSTRACT

Yuanyuan Bao, Heegaard Floer homology and embedded graphs, China, ABSTRACT

Nargis BiBi and Barry M.G. Cheetham, Inverted wrap-around (IWRAP) limiting to reduce high PAPR of OFDM signals, Pakistan, ABSTRACT

Sunyoung Bu and June-Yub Lee, Parallelization of krylov deferred correction based on parareal framework, Korea, ABSTRACT

Minerva Catral, Craig Erickson, Leslie Hogben, Dale Olesky, Pauline van den Driessche, Classes of eventually nonnegative matrices and their sign patterns, Philippines, ABSTRACT

Carla Cederbaum, The Geometry of Static Spacetimes, Germany, ABSTRACT

Liang Chao, On The Density Of Positive Lyapunov Exponents For C1 Symplectic Diffeomorphisms, China, ABSTRACT

Nilsa A.I.E. Pondja Cherinda, The difficulties of teaching calculation subjects in virtual learning environment and its possible solutions
Mozambique, ABSTRACT

Eun Young Cho, A preliminary study on parent's mathematics learning experience and parent's instructional method of mathematics, Korea, ABSTRACT

Gyeong-Mi Cho, Interior-point method for linear optimization, Korea, ABSTRACT

Seongmin Cho, Jaehong Kim, Inseon Choi and Seonghyun Yang, Gender differences in College Scholastic Ability Test mathematics section in KOREA, Korea, ABSTRACT

María Isabel Cortez, Orbit equivalence for dynamical systems, Chile, ABSTRACT

Thu Ha Dao-Thi, Jean-Michel Fourneau and Minh Anh Tran, Network of Queues with Inert Customers and Signals, Vietnam, ABSTRACT

Latifa Debbi, Well-posedness of the multidimensional fractional stochastic Navier-Stokes equations on the torus and on bounded domains, Algeria, ABSTRACT

Jyoti U. Devkota, Chanda Prajapati, Swechhya Singh and Binu Hada, Some results from the statistical analysis of benefits of renewable energy - examples from biogas consumers of NepalNepal, ABSTRACT

Sheetal Dharmatti, V. Divya, Control of Shell Model of Turbulance, India, ABSTRACT

Nazife Erkursun Ozcan, Kakutani's Problem, Turkey, ABSTRACT

O. A. Fadipe-Joseph, S.O. Olatunji, A.T. Oladipo and B.O. Moses, Certain subclasses of univalent functions, Nigeria, ABSTRACT

Marta Garcia Huidobro, Carmen Cortazar and Pilar Herreros, Convergence to a steady state for a non-autonomous semilinear heat equation, Chile, ABSTRACT

Natalia García-Colín, On the separation of Tverberg Partitions of large sets of points, Mexico, ABSTRACT

Margaret Gathogo and J.K Mutegi, Hall current effect on MHD flow past a vertical plate, Kenya ABSTRACT

Thangavelu Geetha and Amritanshu Prasad, Graphic Interpretation of the Structure Constants of the Schur Algebra, India, ABSTRACT

Carina Geldhauser, Convergence of a semidiscrete scheme for a forward-backward parabolic equation, Germany, ABSTRACT

Battsetseg Gereltbyamba and Changhoon Lee, Numerical Simulation Of Natural Convection in a Cubic Cavity, Mongolia, ABSTRACT

Priyanka Grover, Characterization of Birkhoff-James orthogonality, India, ABSTRACT

Salimata Guèye Diagne and Youssou Gningue, Optimization problems in transportation, production, telecommunication and finance areas, Senegal, ABSTRACT

Jaeho Haan, The Bessel period of U(3) and U(2) involving a non-tempered representation, Korea, ABSTRACT

Stefanie Hittmeyer, Bernd Krauskopf and Hinke M. Osinga, Bifurcations of generalised Julia sets near the complex quadratic family, New Zealand, ABSTRACT

Christiana Rini IndratiRepresentation theorem by nonlinear integral in two-norm spaceIndonesia, ABSTRACT

Jaewon Jung, Various interpolating refinable function vectors with approximation orders, Korea, ABSTRACT

Tanvi Jain, Spectra of some special matrices, India, ABSTRACT

SeongHee Jeong, Weighted least squares finite element method for poisson equation with Fichera corner in 3D, Korea, ABSTRACT

Jeong Seulgi, A mathematical model for the spatial spread of rabies, Korea, ABSTRACT

Hyeonseong Jin, Compressible flow models of turbulent fluid mixing, Korea, ABSTRACT

Joo Young Jin, George Exner, Il Bong Jung and Mi Ryeong Lee, Weighted Shifts Induced by Hamburger Moment Sequences and Related Properties, Korea, ABSTRACT

K. Kalaivani and G.P. Youvaraj, Study on Summability of an orthogonal series with respect to Hausdorff and Regular Matrices, India, ABSTRACT

Soonja Kang and Dae-Seok Lee, On the Complexity of Finite Sequences over a Finite Set, Korea, ABSTRACT

Hyunji Kang, Mathematical modeling of the AKT-mTOR-p70S6K pathway in regulation of the control of FLIP and TRAIL-induced apoptosis in Glioblastoma, Korea, ABSTRACT

Jeang Min Kang, Sang-Eon Han and Kyung Chan MIn, Digitizations associated with several types of digital topological approaches, Korea, ABSTRACT

Natanael Karjanto, Madina Kairatbekkyzy and Jim Agee, Problem-based learning in undergraduate mathematics courses through embedded librarianship, Indonesia, ABSTRACT

Sri Haryatmi Kartiko, Regression function estimation by bayesian method, Indonesia, ABSTRACT

Jungeun Kim, Jeehyun Lee and Hee-Dae Kwon, Optimal control of an Influenza model with limited vaccination and age structure, Korea, ABSTRACT

Seong Eun Kim, A comparitive study on 2009 revised mathematics curriculum in Korea and CCSSM in the United States, Korea, ABSTRACT

Hye-Young Kim, Changes in students' mathematical writing  through the Rubric, Korea, ABSTRACT

Eunmi Kim, A family of self-inversive polynomials with concyclic zeros, Korea, ABSTRACT

Eunhyeon Kim, The inquiry of the curve with manipulative materials, Cycloid, Korea, ABSTRACT

Ki young Kim, A study on Mathematical Language Characteristic of Childrern with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Korea, ABSTRACT

Seong-A Kim, S. Sivasubramanian, R. Sivakumar and S. Kanas, Verificataion of Brannan and Clunie's conjecture for certain subclasses of bi-univalent functions, Korea, ABSTRACT

Young-Ok Kim, A Case Study of Geometry Teaching and Learning based on Waldorf Education Methods in Alternative School, Korea, ABSTRACT

Shinuk Kim, A cancer classification method using copy number alteration, Korea, ABSTRACT

Kyung-Youn Kim, Global heat kernel estimates for symmetric Markov processes dominated by stable-like processes in exterior C^{1 ,η} open sets, Korea, ABSTRACT

Seulkee Kim, Analysis of the characteristics Korea students' achievement levels on TIMSS 2011 mathematics assessment, Korea, ABSTRACT

Ko Kyung Woo, Preliminary study of secondary teachers' mathematical knowledge for teaching geometry, Korea, ABSTRACT

Yuka Kotorii and Akira Yasuhara, A relation between Milnor's $¥bar{¥mu}$-invariant and HOMFLYPT polynomial, Japan, ABSTRACT

Galina Kurina and Margarita Kalashnikova, Direct scheme for asymptotic solving optimal control problems with two-time scale fast variables, Russia, ABSTRACT

Rugare Kwashira and J.B. Gatsinzi, Samelson products of function spaces, Zimbabwe, ABSTRACT

Jane Labadin and Cynthia Mui Lian Kon, A general spatial-temporal transmission model for mosquito-borne infectious diseases, Malaysia, ABSTRACT

Hui Jung Lee, Investigation of secondary mathematics education for Tanzania - case of volunteers, Korea, ABSTRACT

Hyunhui Lee, Jung Soyeon, Raeyoung Kim and Chorok Kim,, A comparative study of the units of measurement used in San-Hak-Gye-Mong and Ju-Hae-Su-Yong, Korea, ABSTRACT

Minhee Lee and Raeyoung Kim, Principles of program development for pre-service mathematics teachers' TPACK cultivation, Korea, ABSTRACT

Yunju Lee, Relative Fatou theorem for subordinate Brownian motions with Gaussian components in C^{1,1} open sets, Korea, ABSTRACT

Aihua Li, Pamela Guerron, Patricia Dorn and Zeyad Boodoo, , Applications of Graph Connectivity Indices in DNA Data AnalysisU.S.A., ABSTRACT

Deborah O. Makinde and O.A. Fadipe-Joseph, Application of Salagean differential operator to a certain family of meromorphic p-valent function with negative coefficientsNigeria, ABSTRACT

Jaqueline G. MesquitaPeriodic averaging theorems for various types of equationsBrazil, ABSTRACT

Irene Monnesland, Least squares finite element method for a nonlinear Stokes problem in glaciology, Norway, ABSTRACT

Utriweni Mukhaiyar, The effectiveness of the Generalized STAR modeling for the spatial dependency observations, Indonesia, ABSTRACT

Inasa Nakamura, Satellites of an oriented surface link and their local moves, Japan, ABSTRACT

Laura Nastasescu, Septimiu Crivei, and Constantin Nastasescu, A generalization of the Mitchell Lemma: The Ulmer Theorem and the Gabriel-Popescu Theorem revisited, Romania, ABSTRACT

Nkem Ogbonna, Interaction of a screw dislocation with a double-coated cylinder, Nigeria, ABSTRACT

Jimin Oh, An analysis of prospective teachers' knowledge for teaching practice, Korea, ABSTRACT

Chunyoung Oh, Optimal Control Strategy the Obesity, Korea, ABSTRACT

Xiaomin Pan, Changhoon Lee, Kyoungyoun Kim and Jung-Il Choi, Analysis of a second-order accurate projection method for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations, China, ABSTRACT

Kyoungsuk Park and Soojin Cho, Inversions, Bruhat orders and Permutation tableaux of type $B$, Korea, ABSTRACT

Yoon Kyung Park and Daeyeoul Kim, Combinatorial convolution sums and modular forms, Korea, ABSTRACT

Jeong Mi Park, Reconstruction of tonal networks: P-Tonnetz, Korea, ABSTRACT

Salma Parvin, M.A. Alim and N.F. Hossain, Heat Transfer and Entropy Generation by Nanofluid Due to Natural Convection in an L-shaped Cavity, Bangladesh, ABSTRACT

Anita M. Rojas, Antonio Behn, and Rubí E. Rodríguez, Drawing hyperbolic polygons for group actions on Riemann surfaces: algorithm and applications, Chile, ABSTRACT

Marian P. Roque, Bituin Cabarrubias, and Ryan Beltran, On the Solution and Homogenization of a Class of Quasilinear Elliptic Partial Differential Equation, Philippines, ABSTRACT

Budi Nurani Ruchjana, Space Time Models as a Development Study of Multivariate Time Series Analysis, Indonesia, ABSTRACT

Kyunghee Shin and Hee Jung Lee, Grassmann's Mathematical Epistemology and Ausdehnungslehre, Korea, ABSTRACT

Fatma Muazzez Şimşir, On affine and Kaehler affine manifolds, Turkey, ABSTRACT

Izabella Stuhl, Steiner triple systems and Ruth Moufang's theorem, Hungary, ABSTRACT

Kiki A. Sugeng, Construction of odd harmonious labeling of graphs, Indonesia, ABSTRACT

Ade Irma Suriajaya, On the zeros of the derivatives of the riemann zeta function under the riemann hypothesis, Indonesia, ABSTRACT

Parascovia Syrbu and Dina Ceban, $\pi$-Quasigroups of type $T_{1}, Moldova, ABSTRACT

Elena Ushakova, Hardy--Steklov operator and two embedding inequalities of Sobolev type, Russia, ABSTRACT

Sri Wahyuni, On Connection Between Projectivity and Purity of Modules, Indonesia, ABSTRACT

Mei Yin, Phase transitions in the edge-triangle exponential random graph model, China, ABSTRACT

RyeongKyung Yoon, First-Order System LL* for the Elasticity Equation with Discontinuous Coefficients in 3D, Korea, ABSTRACT

Yuan-Hong Tao,  Qiang Yang, Jun Zhang and Hua Nan, Mutually unbiased and unextendible maximally entangled bases in 2 x 3 quantum system, China, ABSTRACT

Tingting Zhang, Eunjung Lee and Jin Keun Seo, Depth formula in anomaly detection; independent on anomaly size and admittivity contrast, China, ABSTRACT

Arab Zineb and Debbi Latifa, Numerical approximations for some fractional stochastic partial differential equations, Algeria, ABSTRACT

Mghazli Zoubida, F. Hecht and J.E. Roberts, Mesh adaptation via a posteriori estimators for a model for flow in a porous media with fractures, Morroco, ABSTRACT